Welcome to the Royal Institute.
*Currently on an App ban*

The Royal Institute is not your typical school, the castle has been used for the education of the monarchy families for years. But what can happen when you put a bunch of brats, spoiled, unruly teens in the same place? Teens that have a well known background, ancestry and those who are the future rulers of this world? Just about anything

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The Royal Institute

These Violent Delights have Violent Ends

Heyoo, Admin Jay here! I’ll be online tonight if you have any questions or would like to send us an application to look at later


"can princess emi's fc be changed back to bae suzy? if yes I'm joining omg (its ana btw)"

We are definitely open to fc changes if the admins all agree it’s a good fit. If you would like to apply for emi and then on the application just add in the fc change you can. It’s be great to have you back! ~Jay

Still having a bit of technical difficulties, but the admins are doing their damn hardest to get things back to working. Please please please be patient with us. We know it’s been a while, but this is taking some serious time to do. I’ll be on more now because of personal reasons, so just…. give us a little more time please. We love you guys and we don’t want to disappoint you at all.

Please follow Tien’s new account, as the previous account was malfunctioning and Krishna had to create a new one

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"when does your rp open? i've been stalking the main for days im excited and already know who i'm applying for!"

Thanks! Glad to hear you are so excite anon! While we are on an app ban right now, the submit box is open, and you can put your application in now. We will look over all applications we have received once we reopen!


"So sad to see the rp die I used to love it ):"

Hello anon, no need to be sad! We are still up and functioning. While activity is a bit slow right now, the admins are working hard in the free time they have to get everything set up. I know we’ve been asking people to wait for awhile, but just stick with us a little longer. We are close to being open.



"Everyone has a life. That's why you need to lift the ban. It will be easier for you admins if you do. Use proper capitalization pls."


I will speak to the other admins about it. It is not something that i can do one my own…but we wanted to make all the changes that we were going to before re-opening and like i have stated before…everyone is more then welcome to continue with any and all of there story-lines that they had before. The admins have just ran into some issues with Real Life, so the changes that we wanted to give our members have been taking longer then what we planed. 


"Open the submit box already. The rp is dying and you guys are not always online to do what needs to be done, done anyway."

Okay, so first off, the submit box is open right now no matter what, it has always been open and people get busy. all three of the admin’s carry jobs and there are times that we can not be on to do what ever needs to be done for that day. we are working on things. and if you think that the rp is dying then you are more then welcome to un-follow or do what you need to do, i know the admin’s are working on things, its taken us longer then what we hoped but…that is what happens when your admins have lives and dont just sit on a computer all day long. 

Hi guys. Admin Jaden is online, and I’m doing graphics. Hopefully Tumblr is gonna be nicer to me this go around. I’m here to answer any questions, comments, or concerns.


"when do you think the app ban will be over?"

I’m hoping it will be over before this week is over with. I’m off of work until Friday, so I’ll have plenty of time to get what needs to be done, done.