Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th century Romanesque Revival castle located on a rugged hill above Hohenschwangau near Lake Fussen in Southwest Bavaria, Germany. It is not your typical old historic castle that would be used as a museum in fact, it has been restored into a boarding academy for the future rulers of the world. Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, and Countesses all travel to The Royal Institute for their yearly studies to prepare for their country and also as a safe haven from the watchful eyes of the world.
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♚ Fabian Krisztian Endre of Hungary | 15 | Freshman ♚

Fabian Krisztian is the son of King Matyas and Queen Ines of Hungary, his father is the King. He is the only child of his family but has older cousins who also attends the Institute, only being his professor. His second name was given to honor her grandfather, former King Krisztian of Hungary. 

Prince Fabian is known for being considerate, painstaking, and a very athletic young man but is also seen as gullible, soft, and quite aimless. What people don’t know about him is that every friday he buys his crush a rose and puts it on their desk hoping to get their attention one day.

Connections at the Institute:

Duchess Juliska Lujza Delia of Hungary [older cousin]

Duchess Allegra Ilona Erzsebet of Hungary [older cousin]

Fabian has been attending the Institute for one year.

He is portrayed by Dylan Sprayberry [open]

♚ Allegra Ilona Erzsebet of Hungary | 19 | Former ♚

Allegra Ilona is the daughter of Duke Denes and Duchess Lujza of Hungary, her uncle is the King. She is the youngest child of her family and has an older sister who teaches there and cousin who also attends the Institute. Her second name was given to honor her grandmother, late Queen Ilona of Hungary. 

Duchess Allegra is known for being intuitive, high-minded, and a very clever young woman but is also seen as fraudulent, coarse, and quite devious. What people don’t know about her is that she hooked up with her best friend’s boyfriend over the summer and feels guilty about not telling her. 

Connections at the Institute:

Duchess Juliska Lujza Delia of Hungary [older sister]

Prince Fabian Kriszstian Endre of Hungary [younger cousin]

Allegra has been attending the Institute for five years.

She is portrayed by Leighton Meester [open]

♚ Juliska Lujza Delia of Hungary | 24 | Earth and Space Science Professor ♚

Juliska Lujza is the daughter of Duke Denes and Duchess Lujza of Hungary, her uncle is the King. She is the oldest child of her family and has a a younger sister and cousin who also attend the Institute. Her second name was given to honor her mother, Duchess Lujza of Hungary. She is a professor at the Institute in the Science Department, choosing to teach until she is to be married.

Duchess Juliska is known for being sophisticated, reliable, and a very responsible young woman but is also seen as careless, arbitrary, and quite forgetful. What people don’t know about her is that she arranged to be wed to one of her students. 

Connections at the Institute:

Duchess Allegra Ilona Erzsebet of Hungary [younger sister]

Prince Fabian Kriszstian Endre of Hungary [younger cousin]

Professor Gwenneth Ramsey; Science Department [co-worker]

Juliska has been attending the Institute for two years.

She is portrayed by Minka Kelly [open]

♔ Yosif Brey Dieltiens | 29 | Cello Instructor & Music Theory Professor ♔

Professor Dieltiens, also known amongst the students as ‘the sexy cello teacher’, is part of the Music Department. He was raised in a poor-stricken family in Riga, Latvia, his grandfather was a luthier which he has gifted Yosif a cello at the age of ten. Music has been part of Yosif’s life as much as he could remember as he was always playing whatever music he could make from his mind or music sheets donated from local musicians. A strand of luck as he was once seen performing on the streets by a musical director who took him in and trained from professionally. Today, he is a world renowned cello musician who travels globally attending and participating in active orchestras. For now, he has decided to take a break and teach the students of the Institute what possibilities the world of music has to offer.
Professor Yosif is known for being humble, balanced, and a modest man but is also seen as enigmatic, quiet, and can be quite emotional when it comes to music. What people don’t know about him is that he despises people who throw their money as it is nothing— due to the fact that he himself was poor his whole childhood.

Affiliates at the Institute:

Professor Micah Larrison; Music Department [co-worker/rival]
Professor/Duke Ronald Hubert James of Wales; Athletics Department [friend]

Professor Hannah Alves; Language Department [friend]

Yosif has been instructing at the Institute for two years.

He is portrayed by Ben Barnes [open]

Congratulations, Lauren. You’ve been accepted into The Royal Institute RP as Prince Griffin Cecil of Wales. Please make your page within 24 hours and make sure your ask-box is enabled! Don’t forget to go through the navigation, follow all blogs, and go over the checklist. Welcome to the RI, Go Lions! 

did u get the idea for this from brenningtonrpg bc lmao
Anonymous asked 3 hours ago

The Royal Institute RP has been open since February of 2013, Brennington RPG’s opening date was in July 2014. They are an appless roleplay, this is a bio roleplay. If you may know as well, the ‘Princess Plot’ is fairly known in the RP community. Check the tags #princessrp, #royalrp, and #royalty-rp and you’d see most roleplays tagged as that are fairly similar in plot and being that it is high-school/college based could make it even more similar. But to answer your question straightforward, no the original admins did not copy Brenningtonrpg bc lmao it’s a fairly known plot.


♚ Countess Vasilisa Akilina Listratov | 42 | Social Mannerisms professor & Masters’ Prefect 

Professor Listratov is the Countess of Moscow by marriage. Her husband, the late count of Moscow, was a distant cousin from the Russian throne. Vasilisa was born and raised in Russia, and became a model at the age of eighteen. She met her late husband while modeling, and won him over, though she was never truly faithful, and nor was he. She began teaching at the institute after her close friend and chairman of the school board, Duchess Arianta of Italy brought her on. 

Vasilisa is known for being fashionable, proper, and polite. Despite this, she can be rude by making back-handed compliments, she is strict, and very mysterious. What absolutely no one knows about the countess is that she murdered her husband by smothering him with a pillow in his sleep, when she was thirty-two, having become tired of him, and planning to leave with his fortune to be with her boyfriend at the time, who is now also six feet under by her hand. She remains single to this day, and has not been suspected of anything.

Connections at the Institute:

Princess Sasha Nikita Glafira of Russia [distant cousin]

Prince Viktor Roman Ivan of Russia [distant cousin]

Maestro Micah Larrison; Creative Department [friend]

Director Woody Ralmet; Creative Department [friend]

Professor Listratov has been teaching at the Institute for 10 years

She is portrayed by Meryl Streep [open]

♚ Weston Leighton Rickers | 36 | Botany Professor ♚

Professor Rickers takes his job very seriously, wanting for his class to understand the importance of the plants of the earth. His class usually takes place in the greenhouse or one of the many lecture halls when having a test, but he prefers to teach outside. Weston seems to constantly be hungry, and eats anything and everything— mostly doritos. He’s waiting for the day that the school board finally agrees to his idea about taking a trip to California so that he can sneak off to Del Taco, his desire of a fast-food savory chicken tortilla wrap burning since he first came across Del Taco’s website while searching pictures of tacos on google. 

Weston is known for being outgoing, resourceful, and kind, but he is also seen as often times a glutton, lethargic, and loud. The majority of his students are certain that he’s constantly high; and they’re correct. He just won’t admit it. What people don’t know about Weston is that he’s actually growing multiple strains of marijuana in his professor’s suite, and responsible for supplying it to the students through one of his best students, Princess Kai of New Zealand, who is his dealer and apprentice. 

Connections at the Institute:

Professor Asami; Culinary Department  [good friend]

Doctor Ramsey; Science department [co-worker]

Princess Kai of New Zealand [apprentice - dealer]

Professor Rickers has been teaching at the Institute for 5 years.

He is portrayed by James Franco [open]

♚ Albrecht Emil Berthold | 35 | Football (Soccer) Coach ♚

Coach Berthold was once a professional football player for Germany. His skill and good looks were what made him as popular as he is. At the age of twenty-nine, he retired after a long run with his national team to coach with the Royal Institute as his publicist assured him that he would be possibly cut soon for his age and the amount of new talent that was coming. Beating them to the punch, he took the advice of his publicist and has been teaching at the Institute ever since.

Coach Berthold is known for being determined, athletic, and perceptive, but is also known for being harsh, mean-spirited, and intolerant towards students that don’t put in what he feels is enough effort. What people do not know about Albrecht is that he has intermittent explosive disorder, which causes his outbursts of anger, this is the real reason why he was forced to retire, due to his behavior on the field.

Connections at the Institute:

Director Ralmet; Creative Department [friend]

Professor Rickers; Science Department [friend]

Professor Balmain; Health Department [friend]

Coach Berthold has been coaching at the Institute for 6 years.

He is portrayed by David Beckham [open]