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    Welcome to the Royal Institute.
    The Royal Institute is not your typical school, the castle has been used for the education of the monarchy families for years. But what can happen when you put a bunch of brats, spoiled, unruly teens in the same place? Teens that have a well known background, ancestry and those who are the future rulers of this world? Just about anything.
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    Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th century Romanesque Revival castle located on a rugged hill above Hohenschwangau near Lake Fussen in Southwest Bavaria, Germany.
    Home for the Sons, Daughters, Grandsons, Granddaughters, Nephews, Nieces of the Queens and Kings of world. All of them living in the same place.
    Not your typical school, the castle has been used for the education of the monarchy’s families. Royal Institute is run at a higher level of education, working to bring out the most of this teens.
    But what can turn out when you put a bunch of brats, spoiled, unruly teens in the same place? Teens that have a well-known background and ancestry? The future rulers of this world? Just about anything.

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    You have 5 days of no activity, before I send you a two day warning and put you on the inactivity list. I will send one more warning 24 hours before I reopen your character. I understand you all have a life outside of RP, and if you need longer that’s fine, just message me so I know and won’t reopen your character. Activity does not include a thoughts post, self-para, picture, or song. Activity must be your character interacting with another for more than one reply.


    NO OOC DRAMA. There will be an OOC blog where we can all interact, but please no OOC drama. If you are having problems with another roleplayer, contact the admins and they will take care of it. IC drama is HIGHLY encouraged though! We just don’t want it going into OOC. Any person caught sending anon hate will be kicked out of the RP no questions asked. Anon hate is hurtful and no one deserves to be put through that. NO GODMODDING. Your character is your own, but you don’t have control over someone else’s. NO HARASSING people for a ship. You might think that the characters have chemistry, but their mun might not. No means no. In addition, please do not bash characters or ships in the OOC. No one likes coming in and seeing negative thoughts about their role.

    Plot Twists

    Plot Twists. Please notify the admins for major plot twists, I.E. Engagement, Marriage, Pregnancy, etc. If you plan on your character having any sort of disorders or problems that is a part of who they are, please let us know in your application or just drop us a message. In addition, inform your ship partner about any major plots too. We know it sucks sometimes to tell them that you want to end things, but its better to know than to come onto the dash and be surprised.


    This is a mature rp, smut, drugs, alcohol, violence, fights, cussing, etc. will be permitted and will happen. Graphic scenes, especially those for smut need to go under a read more. This rp is a gif and para rp. Try and have paras at least two paragraphs long, and they must be in third person, past tense. Reblog as text posts, and cut posts please. There should only be 2 posts in each post, their response, and yours. Also, use proper grammer and do not use emoticons in your posts.


    You may request a reservation. They last for a total of 24 hours and must be done off anon. A reservation means that from the time it was made to the time it ends we will not accept any applicants and wait for your application. In the mean time other people can submit applications for that character as well. Multiple reservations can be made for the same character, since to us a reservation is just a reminder to wait on another application before making a final decision. Making a reservation does not guarantee you the spot by any means, it just means we will wait for your application.

    FC Changes, OCs, and Multiple Roles

    FC changes may be considered, but admins do have the right to deny it. We worked hard on chosing the FCs that we did. OC’s are only allowed for professors at the time being, however, please make sure to check out all of our Open roles first. Second Roles, We have no problem with people taking on more than on character! But we do ask that you keep both accounts equally active and have seperate accounts for both. No side blogs. If we see that you spend all your time on one and not the other, we will ask you to drop one.

    Make sure you link the main on your page

    his helps indie rpers notice that you are apart of a group rp and gives them the chance to explore it and possibly join as well.

    If you've read all these, the password is lords

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• ♔ Duchess Eloise Esmerald of Germany • 19 • Senior •

Eloise is the daughter Crown Prince Georg of Germany and Christy Turlington. She was born out of the future King’s marriage, turning her into a Duchess. Her father and her mother met in a trip, when her father wasn’t having a great relationship with the princess. She has three half siblings, Bart, Oskar and Donata. Born in Bremer, West Germany. She didn’t knew that her father was already married, that she had siblings and that she was a part of the Royalty. When she found out her dad made her come to the institute so she could get the same education as her brothers. House of Hohenzollern.


✔ Kind ↦ Loyal ↦ Persistent 
✘ Impulsive ↦ Shy ↦ Nervous 

Family Connections in The Institute:

♕ Prince Oskar Friedrich of Germany [FC: Caleb Landry Jones] ↦ Younger Half Brother
Prince Bart Ferdinand of Germany [FC: Eddie Redmayne] ↦ Older Half Brother

Been in The Institute for:

One year and eight months.

Princess Eloise is portrayed by Cintia Dicker and is OPEN

are you the same katie as before

That I am!


• ♔ Prince August Oskar Ferdinand of Hanover • 18 • Senior •

August is the oldest son of Prince Ernst of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Born in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. Has an younger brother, Andre. And is first cousin to Grace and Venneth, princes of Monaco. His first name was given after his dad’s and grandfather’s name. House of Hanover. 


✔ Charming ↦ Outgoing ↦ Energetic  
✘ Lazy ↦ Impatient ↦ Cocky

Family Connections in The Institute:

♕ Prince Venneth Albert Pierre Wittstock of Monaco  [FC: Logan Lerman] ↦ Older Cousin
♕ Princess Grace Caroline Marie Wittstock of Monaco   [FC: Kaya Scodelario] ↦ Younger Cousin

Been in The Institute for:

Three years and eight months.

Prince August is portrayed by Aaron Johnson and is OPEN

• ♔ Princess Margarete Marie Isabelle of France • 17 • Junior •

Margaret is the only daughter of King Henri and Queen Marie Therese of France. The first and only in line to the kingdom. Born in Paris, France. Has Belgium blood from her mom’s side. Her second and third name were given after her mother and grandmother. House of Bourbon.


✔ Calm ↦ Intuitive ↦ Realistic
✘ Inpatient ↦ Dependable ↦ Quiet

Family Connections in The Institute:


Been in The Institute for:

Two years and eight months
Princess Margarete is portrayed by Lucy Hale and is OPEN

You get placed on the inactive list with 5 days of inactivity. In order to prevent having your role be reopened, you must become active within 24 hours. Photos, thought posts, and music posts do not count as activity. You must post a starter and reply to the replies. The following people are in danger of their roles being reopened:

Welcome to the Royal Institute Mich! I’m so excited to have you come join us with Brieh. We’ve always loved Brieh and to have her back on the dash will make everyone happy! Please make the account for Brieh within 24 hours, and Follow this checklist

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was this rp previously run by an admin named Jaden who had Colton Haynes for a mascot?

Yep! Jaden took over the RP after both Ella and myself left.


when is acceptance?

Acceptance will be about 12 am EST


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Welcome back to the Royal Institute Yuki! It makes me so happy to be accepting this app! I'm beyond thrilled to see those of you who were with the RP at the beginning come back, and your Carlo was always a pleasure to see on the dash. Please make the account for Carlo within 24 hours, and Follow this checklist

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