Welcome to the Royal Institute.
*Acceptances Every Monday*

The Royal Institute is not your typical school, the castle has been used for the education of the monarchy families for years. But what can happen when you put a bunch of brats, spoiled, unruly teens in the same place? Teens that have a well known background, ancestry and those who are the future rulers of this world? Just about anything

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The Royal Institute


"If you work that long maybe you shouldn't run an rp?"


I run an Rp because its something that i love, RI would have been closed almost a year ago if people like myself and jay, that despite our lives we still want to come here and enjoy the stories that we tell here. 

Originally I took over the RP from Katie at the beginning of the summer. But I was headed into a job where I would have little, to no time, to run an rp or rp. I asked Leana, and she offered to help me, so that we could make sure that RI stayed open for all the members, that have stayed here the entire time. It took a little longer than we expected to start back, because both of us were busy. Also, the main was a lot more disorganized than we originally thought. Jaden stepped in and offered his help as well. Towards the end of the summer we were starting to get things under control. But then we all had real life come in again, and we got busy. Leana and I are trying our best to manage what goes on in our real life, and still be here, but it’s hard. If members are unhappy with our work, then we are fine handing the rp over. We understand we are busy, and it makes it hard to run an rp, and make a good atmosphere for the current roleplayers, when we have a lot going on in our lives. So if you would like to take over, then send us a message.


"Jaden seems to be the only admin taking this roleplay serious. the other two simply disappear and come back around when it suits them and please don't use 'we have lives' as an excuse. As everyone does have school/work but we all still manage. don't take responsibilities you can not handle please."

First off…i myself work about thirty hours a week, i honestly try to be on as much as i can, i may not post that i am here, but i am around and if anyone ever needs me my skype is on the main or there is many ways to get me, and by the time that i do come home, jay is sleeping because of his life as well we do talk all the time about what we can do to work with everyone here…we have things in the works. Secondly…we do not just come around when ever it suits us, we come around when we are able to….we are trying to come around more and get this place where it once was again. 


"when are the marriages going to be set up? any specific date?"

Not at the moment, but the admins will be working on that soon. And we’ll make sure to make an event out of it!

If you’re an American Horror Story lover, and you’ve been dreaming of entering the world your self, go check out Coven of Sins and Misery, run by our very own Lon! It’s a great way to explore the AHS world even better and deeper. You can live it out for yourself, and your character! So, click on that link above and check them out!

Hello there! It’s a grrrrrreeat Sunday, but how about you come make it wonderful and check us out, maybe even apply? We’d love to have you join us!


Well well well.. look what the cat dragged in.. ME! Sorry I haven’t been on much guys, school’s a bitch and running is running me ragged. So a bit busy, but I should be on today, doing fun adminny stuff and hopefully I can get on later to rp. But I’m hoping to be more consistent and on more. Love you guys!


"hey guys its sarah im leaving tomorrow-friday to florida and then saturday i have a race so idk if ill be able to post while im gone ill need a hiatus. Thanks!! Ill try and get on today once i finish everything..lolll."

Ok, sounds good. We’ll put you on the list!


"hey guys its ana sorry i haven't been able to get on properly (due to school) but ill be on most likely friday can i be on hiatus for now?!"

Yeah, that’s fine. We’ll put you on the list.


"hey this is maddy (grace's mun). my computer and internet and ugh just everything is playing up so is it alright if you please put me on the hiatus list for a week or so? hopefully everything will be sorted out by then :/ thanks!"

Yup, sure thing! We hope it starts working and to see you back soon! We’ll put you on hiatus list.